cultural center in belgrade

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  • The initial idea was to develop a system that is modular, and at the same  time, a system that does not enforce repetition, like most modular systems do, but on the contrary, endorses differentiation of space, allowing for different qualities of space inside of it. This proposed module, the dodecahedron, is load bearing  and multiplied to support the membrane of the building which provides a diversity of spaces inside, suitable for different and variable usage that depends on the needs of the artists and vitors. Such system divides the space roughly on ateliers for artists, placed in the dodecahedrons, and exhibition space. The proposed structure is just one manifestation of this modular, yet differentiated system. Since the structure is fast and easy to build, it leaves the possibility to apply  the same, recognizable system on different locations all over the city, according to the strategy of cultural development.