cómo como

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  • If I had studied cooking, my final project would have been about design. But, I have studied design. So, this is my cookbook, which contains four different parts. The first part, compiles ingredients, and thanks to the special binding it is easy to combine them and therefore create new dishes. The second part, it is about "fast food" illustrated recipes, which are treated with the "pop-up" technique. The third part, is a collection of the top twelve best teas of the world which includes information about its processing and preparation. The fourth and last part, is a poster which gathers in a list all the products that were used in the cookbook with their prices, through an aesthetic of purchase receipt.

    The printing and binding are totally homemade. The book´s tittle appears on the cover "cómo como" and it is made of magnet sheets that can be placed in the refrigerator. The four parts of the book are tied up by a magnet.