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The square of las Barbaras is on the edge of the Old City of A Coruña,
in the same street as the catholic school of the Dominicans. The
intervention is designed for the children who leave school or live in the
area, as it has no recreational areas for them.
My proposal shall be directed toward that end, trying to integrate with
the surrounding space. This beautiful small square connects different
areas within the Old City, and this is its only function nowadays; adding
a recreational piece for kids should improve the usage of the square
and become it a better place both for kids and adults.
The piece consists of a series of rotating methacrylate cubes with an
interior stainless steel structure, and a circular stainless steel base that
acts as an intermediary between the cubes and the pavement of the
square. Big cubes have a dimension of 50x50x50 cm, while the little
cubes have smaller dimensions (37.5x37.5x37.5 cm) in order to facilitate
the children go up and down.
As the kids can rotate the cubes, this game can change as much
as they want; they can easily convert this area into a tunnel where
they can become cars, or suddenly it can be a western fort where
they stand up staring at the horizon looking for american indians! The
possibilities are endless, so it is the imagination of small kids.