'bundl' team photography

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  • About this project
    For the launch of bundl's website, new photos have been taken. Every picture is a magnification of the designer-characteristics of each member.
    The whole project was a collaboration of the following people:
    Concept: bundl & brittandpaul.com
    Photography: brittandpaul.com
    MU & styling: Emmanuelle Bastiaanssen
    Retouching: livingroom.be
  • About bundl
    bundl is an Antwerp based industrial design office, established in 2008.
    Since the arising of our brand, we strive to deliver high-end creativity for successful products. We have a clear focus on Industrial Design, dealing with strategic, conceptual, styling and graphic challenges.
    Our design vision is distinguished by our believe in co-creation, our tailor-made method insights and tools, the project experience we have gathered and the complementary expertise we have in our team.
    Contact us
    bundl l creatives, growing products
    website: www.bundl.be
    twitter: @bundl
    Antwerp, Belgium