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does the medium define our needs?

The increasing digital and social networks within the technological revolution not only establish new possibilities and capabilities, but also create a technological addiction. Furthermore, efficiency becomes an imposed theme of society, which is characterized by complying with the dictate of technology. Certainly we have already reached the point where computers are dictating our actions, which results from our technological overload. As our devices have become more capable, technological innovations have turned into a motivation for creative solutions. Because we are dependent upon the pursuit of information, we are forced to bring our thinking into line with our devices.
Beta is a fictional prototype making the media influence a subject of discussion. By using web services, we pile up data about various aspects of our lives. Computational devices delegate our decisions. This scenario describes an interaction between human and machine, which are reduced to three needs: consuming content, communicating and processing data. Technical reflection is substituted by physical intuition in terms of geometrical devices. Up to what point do we believe in computational predictions?
This project is part of an investigation
of the relationship we want to have
with future technological concepts.