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Hand crafted stamps made of everyday material to understand textures through relief printing.
To experiment with textured relief printing I hand crafted a set of stamps out of various everyday materials. I chose this detailed symol of the ampersand because of its curved form. I used a paper cutter to carve out the form in thermocol, shoe rubber, slipper souls, soap, plaster of paris mould and the oasis used in flower arrangement. 
Oasis spongy phenolic foam used for real flower arranging. This material is super absorbant and disintegrates with pressure. To print I used a thick paste of acrylic paint so that the foam doesn't absorb the paint before printing.
I used a takeaway plastic bowl as the mould for this plaster of paris structure. I carved the ampersand while it was still damp and then dried the structure for a day under the sun. 
This stamp is made out of rubber I borrowed from a cobbler. To carve out the ampersand I had to heat a paper cutter with a candle everytime I made a cut. I made the ribs in the ampersand by holding the hot blade at an angle againt the rubber. 
This ampersand stamp is from the same rubber but i left the surface plain for a different effect. 
I used a ribber slipper sole to carve out this ampersand. To make sure the print wasn't blotchy I stamped the excess paint off on a different paper before printing finally. So the prints in the cards are ghost prints of the initial print. 
Using a heated paper cutter I carved out the ampersand from a sheet of thermocol. The uneven surface of the thermocol lends a rich texture to the print. A ghost print of this stamp is also interesting.