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assorted projects for Amex Labs
making new stuff out of existing products
amex labs
Within American Express was a group of wild-eyed pirates who came together in a team called 'Amex Labs'.  Their mission was to go long - to explore new products, services & paradigms.  I was lucky enough to lead the Digitas team that partnered with them to in the design, prototyping & sometimes piloting of these ideas.  Some lived.  Some died.

Some of the levers we pushed on included:

Are all these sexy?  Oh HELL no.  Might they change the game for American Express?  Yup.  As Amex moves from being a payment vehicle to a membership brand, it is experiments like these that will make it happen.  Not an ad that says “We are a membership brand” or “Members know” or “My life is… That’s why my Card is American Express”.  What matters is a Cardmember’s experience.  Their experience *today*.  Because (to quote Mark Hurst), “all of that “brand-building” means nothing in a world where the customer experience means everything.”