adidas / Chivas jersey / "leaked" digital launch

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  • Chivas is one of the most iconic soccer teams in Mexico but they had been having a rough year. The upcoming Copa Libertadores was going to be a challenge and we would have to launch the gala jersey in the midst of all the turmoil.
    We knew that if we tried to rally support for the team with a big event, it would go up in flames. So we decided to "leak" the jersey online, creating the first digital jersey launch in Mexico.
    How? By developing a series of teaser videos that revealed only the tiniest details about the jersey, and which were leaked hourly in the day leading up to the final reveal. Soon, sports blogs were reposting them everywhere.
    Results: The Chivas gala jersey set a new record as the top-selling jersey in stores. The videos received 1.5 million hits in two days.

    Eleven videos were produced in total, one for each championship title. Every hour, a new video would be "leaked" on YouTube. Sports blogs quickly caught on and reposted them everywhere, building up the expectation for the final reveal. 
    The audio was designed using actual cheers and chanting recorded at the Chivas Stadium.
    Later on that same day, just before their first Copa Libertadores match,  the reveal video was uploaded, showcasing the new jersey in full. A few minutes later, the players proudly defended it in Argentina. 
    The actual product wouldn’t reach stores till 3 weeks after the game, so a print campaign and retail materials were launched at that point.
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