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A song or music notation with Processing and manual labor.
About the album "Pranzo Oltranzista - Banquettmusik for Quintet" by Mike Patton
Alternative notation of the Preludes No.1 in tabs for guitar. Quoted by myself in 1999.
Iteration 1
detail iteration 1
detail iteration 1
Iteration 2
For this acoustic pattern I've been using Processing to show the deflections of the volume relative to time. That means you only see what you hear. The quieter the song, the darker and narrowed the squares are. In top of the sound spectrum, the cello is drawn with his four strings and the individual fret, so that you could theoretically re-enact it.

listed in the grafic:
relative timeline
decibels (loudness)
cello layer and strings
phrasing and rhythm

Produced by Sören Knöll at the department of Interface Design Potsdam under the direction of Prof. Boris Müller.