We are goingto extend over the ground as much as we can.

    But we are able to generatemore free space. Let us make houses on which we can walk, and cross them by allits sides.

    The houses become broken, theylook for the free space. They are full of fins, viewpoints, lines of vision...

    An inner patio (another freespace) associated to the stair, structures each house.

    They are three extended houses.

    It is a mixed typology betweencollective house and single house.

    We propose a series ofcollective spaces like the COMMUNITY GARDEN, the SWIMMING POOL VIEWPOINT, theCOMMUNITARY HALL and the GARAGE; and other private zones like the GARDEN ANDTHE PRIVATE TERRACES.

    A system of inner and exteriorscirculations allows a continuous relation between the new ground spaces and thehouse levels.

    The ground floor is already notthe only level in contact with the open space. From the cellar to the roof top,each level has its own outer free space.
    The cellarwith the bamboo patio.
    The groundfloor with the garden and the community hall.
    The firstlevel with the outer slope terrace.
    The roof levelwith the private terraces, the swimming pool viewpoint and the communitygarden.
  • Ground floor / access level