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Identity design for my ex-students.
Identity for a group of students and for their blog.
I wanted to create a blog to show the artworks of my students to everyone, especially to make available to them to see each other's works. Unfortunately this idea came a little late to upload all of the works they've made during the year I teached them, but an other idea came through my mind.
I've made a call for those kids who would like to see their pictures on the page even if I won't be their teacher next year.
Zygote is the name of this group, means their productivity and the chance to become artists one day.

This is my first identity work and it was really exciting to experience how it works. Some logos, flyers and patterns can be seen below.

Sketches and the main elements.

Some variants for the logo.

The final logos.

Playing with the name Zigóta.

The colours, the background pattern and the fonts to the blog.

Rethinking of the logo.

The blog's appearance.

The colours and the fonts for the flyer.

Playing with the logos  - Patterns

Thank you so much!