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    A humorous action-packed zombie fight game for iOS devices.
Zombie Fight Club
A Zombie-themed iOS Mobile Game

Everybody loves zombies! Once you get past their slimy skin, their rotten flesh and their putrid smell, zombies are funny creatures with an interesting primal instinct for survival... at least that's what we think! This is exactly why we created the concept for "Zombie Fight Club", a humorous action-packed game for iOS mobile devices that while paying tribute to the much beloved genre, tries to go beyond the conventional view and approach. Grow your zombie-pack by winning fights and defeating other zombies, but please feed and take care of your creature, because it might turn against you, or better yet turn YOU into a zombie too! Get ready for some Zombie-ass-kicking!


Zombie Fight Club is a collaborative development project by indie game developers, First Post Studios and Saizen Media.

First Post Studios was founded by games veteran, Jacob Robinson, who has been working in the games industry for more than 15 years, having worked on games including Unreal Tournament, Quake III Arena, Rainbow Six, EverQuest, DC Universe Online and more.

Saizen Media is an award winning digital creative agency. Saizen Media was founded by Davide Bianca, and has quickly become known as one of the most influencial creative agencies worldwide due to its cinematic and detail oriented approach. With a client list that includes names of the likes of Sony Online Entertainment, Nintendo, Square Enix, Fox, and Disney, Saizen Media operates in the fields of interactive experience websites, mobile games and applications, 3D animation, print and integrated campaigns.

What's the storyline for ZFC?
In perfect small town America, a little town called HeartsVille in the heart of sunny california, everything seems to be like a fairy tale. Happy family and perfectly safe neighborhoods have made HeartsVille the safest community in America.
When a pharmaceutical company opens up nearby the outskirts of the community testing new chemicals and substances, the toxic waste somehow brings back some of the deads to life.
After discovering and capturing a zombie in their backyard, 10 years old best friends Chuck and Sam have a genius idea: starting a Zombie Fight Club. The rules of the zombie fight club are simple: 

Pretty soon every kid in town secretly hides a zombie in his basement and partakes in these secret fights. In order to avoid being caught by their parents, who are simply under the impression that their sons are playing Xbox 360 in their basement, kids create a complex network of underground tunnels connecting houses one to the other, so that they can effectively move without being seen.
Zombies are similar to pets, they get attached to their owners and will entertain them in exchange of some red meat, preferably human.Zombies however hate being traded after losing a match, and when betrayed they will often turn against their owner, devouring him and turning him into a Zombie as well. Furthermore if you own a Zombie who loses a fight, and your zombie is too weak, the owner of the winning zombie can demand YOU as winning prize, and you get turned into a zombie as well... after all we all know kids are somewhat mean at that young age :)The zombie fight club soon becomes a huge underground phenomenon, so big it can't be much longer kept a secret. Once the media gets a hold of the story, the ZFC goes national, with media coverage and with sponsors!