Zoltán Toth

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  • Zoltán Tóth
    Jewellery Artist
  • My name is Zoltán Tóth. I havebeen producing jewelry as a freelance designer since 1998. I graduated thatjear. I use a lot of materials and old techniques. I am inspirated by nature,the sculpturesque forms of  nature(insects, reptiles and the motions of big cats). Why is the jewelry? These  pieces are mostly created with incrediblecare and differend kinds of materials are used in one piece. My works usuallybelong to two groups. The first is the figured or sculptural jewelry, the otheris shibayama jewelry. The figures only seem natural at first sight. The sizeof  the piece and the emphasizablecharacter determines how natural it could be.I use chisels to carve the patterneverytime rotating in my hand. The form determines the material and thematerial determines the form. The impetuous curve of the back of the silvergazelles and the cornered bakelite block together show tension.
    The sibayama is special inlaytechnique which consists of a base plate and small elements.
    This technique has mostly used onpersonal belongings (vases, boxes) in Japan. The
    sibayama pieces can  draw attention because they are pictorial andtell a story. The freeze-frame pictures or the missing parts provoke ideas andawake memories. For example the flying bird is as important as the empty placenext to it. The sibayama technique shows its Japanese origins. Therefore  I design the othe parts to show Europeancharacteristics.