• This is a whole new look at your star sign.... This is Zodiac. Our very first album.


    We have decided to do each Star Sign as a musical journey. each star child  gets thier own soundscape. Based upon the traits of the person or mascot. We will do our best at the research & development section of BrainStorm Studios to match each & every star sign as accurate as we can..
  • Taurus
  • Sagittarius

  • Virgo
  • Scorpio
  • Libra

  • This is the first of the star signs.......


    Lets Take a look at our star child from Saturn:

    The sign of the high roller, Capricorn is regarded as the zodiac's top, but also quiet, life and business achievers. But, there are two very different types of Capricorns.
    The first is represented by the mountain goat, always climbing higher and higher; never content until reaching the top.

    The second is the garden goat, with little adventurous spirit or ambition-happy to remain within a small domain, refusing to budge unless it is pushed. Either type of Capricorn, however, is patient and persevering. They reach their goals because they know the longest journey commences with a single step and that the first step is always the most difficult