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  • Zelazo logo type project has a very simple but very affective idea behind it.  Creating a green toxic brain! I have designed and illustrated the logo.
    Zelazo is a space of exchange and production. It gathers those specialized in arts, design and technology with those that would like to imrpove their skills. Zelazo provides the required space and materials for these gatherings to be embodied in colloborative products. The participants and instructors can use the resources Zelazo offers to organize personal/collective exhibitions, to sell their work and to devise new projects. Workshop schedules and prices are decided together with the instructors and depend on the number of participants as well as the subject. You may organize workshops, join them or share your projects and suggestions with us.
    Zelazo is a new hackers workshop located in İstanbul. 
    For more information please visit: zelazolab.com