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    Be it, for what we say goes...
  •  Zebra E Facts.
     Zebra E Facts is a rapidly increasing Vaal Triangle (Gauteng) based multimedia company that was established in September 2011by Molefe Madumo.

    Apart from what it devotes its powers on, Photography, Music Videos/Documentaries, Graphic Designing and Events, ZEF also manufacture a street wear clothing that appeals to the urban market.
    Our objective as a movement is to flash a new stream, a new fashion technique and discover new forms of interacting with young urban South African,. Our objective is not only to produce attractive fashion, but also aid the upcoming South African leaders every way possible thus we came up with the existence of our charity initiative Lines of Hope Initiative.

    Due to  the fact that African have went through the struggle of apartheid, we also found it important to also represent the rich tapestry of the African continent, paying homage to those beings that have fought for piece through the word "Zebra" which signifies two of the races that dominates Africa (Black and White). Every garment is the expression of the ideas and aspirations of the modern youth and our heritage.