Zaion (在音) - Nomadic Landscapes

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  • Zaion(在音)'s Nomadic Landscapes
    The music is the landscape, always changing and creating hills and ridges to get lost in. If you look from another angle, it is a whole new landscape.
    This music video was created for Zaion to visualize the feeling of traveling and the landscapes you see.
    The rhythem of the music drives the animation just as your movement drives your travel.  
    The base animation was automated based on the rhythem of the music.  Taking that animation and duplicating it, moving it and animating it again, new landscapes were created that are moving in harmony with the music.
    When you stop moving and look at your environment, you see the world from your place.  Many people can look at the same information from different angles and see different things.  This animation is the same.  There is very little difference, but by moving the camera, you find new environments and landscapes that create their own visual story.  This signifiies the experience that only you can understand and feel when you are traveling.
    The colour palette was chosen to bring life to a nomadic landscape.  Bright saturated colours keep the visuals in a bright and excited place, while the dark background represents the nomadic unknown world.