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New work for a client
Rotring pens on paper A4 ( 21x29,7cm )
All the shining celestial ones come with a season, an element and a flower.
I. ARIES : The growing flower
The Fire of Spring smells like a young Rose
II. TAURUS : The living nature
The ringing of the May bells announces Spring for Earth
III. GEMINI : The laughing wind
Bindweed resonates to the Spring song through the Air
IV. CANCER : The dreaming moon
The Water Lily whispering Summer secrets to the Waters
V. LEO : The burning sun
Sunflower of Summer... Flower of Fire
VI. VIRGO : The glowing hope
Before leaving Summer, make a crown of Gladiolus for the Earth queen
VII. LIBRA : The balancing mind
The Air put a Pansy Flower mask to welcome Autumn
VIII. SCORPIO : The whispering shadow
Golden Autumn and Blue Thistle...look like fiery Water
IX. SAGITTARIUS : The shining star
Laurel Flower as an Autumn Fire
X. CAPRICORN : The Sleeping land
Mighty Ivy still grows on the cold Winter Earth
XI. AQUARIUS : The Dancing cloud
The Air ones celebrate the end of Winter with the glowing Mimosa
XII. PISCES : The Flowing cycle
Winter falls asleep with the Lotus song and the Orchids dance on the awakened Water
The Circle
The mighty celestial seals protect the twelve by the four powers of the nature, throughout the cycle of life, between the sacred feasts. From the begining to the secrets of the universe.