ZDF neo Paradise – On Air & Set Design

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  • Wolf&Lamm is proudly presenting you the opener and set design of ZDF neo Paradise, the new Joko&Klaas show! Usually late night opener tend to show a main train station at night, an old big band tootling on their even older instruments, the presenters are announced and for the big final, the logo is shown over some well-known sight of the particular city. Well, not here! We were using classical late night show elements and garnished them with a portion of chaos and free spirit! It’s a fusion of the glamorous big show and getting back to reality. The same occurs for the set. We were using windows with a typical view of a city at night, glamorous and shiny-however the set reminds you more of a bachelor’s den, cosy old furniture, a tidy little chaos, a house bar and a balcony-just a place to feel at home and have a little party at. The show is on every Thursday at 10.25pm on ZDF neo!