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  • This logo was designed for a branding competition for Zakynthos - Greece and it
    was held by the municipality of the island. The logo was one of the three chosen
    by the artistic jury. 
    Regarding the design of the logo, the goal was to reflect the great history of the
    island as well as its exceptional physical environment. Thus I designed a font for the
    logo based on the mixed variety of fonts simultaneously used on printed mediums
    from around 1600 until now (public library of Zakynthos). The font also reflects the
    floating and multicultural character of the island. The two mirror -s- shape is a form
    massively used for centuries in the architecture of Zakynthos, applied to belfries,
    churches, rails, house entrances and windows. The three unequal circles were also
    used on top of triangle shapes for series of application like book covers, windows,
    pediments etc.
    The letters of the final logo represent the sea, the -s- shapes represent the land
    and the circles represent the sun, three elements strongly related with the culture of
    the habitants.
  • Wallpaper design based on a very used form in architecture
  • Examples of application of the logo
  • Examples of architecture in Zakynthos
  • Examples of fonts used on printed mediums
  • Examples of furnitures and rails
  • Drafts while researching on the logo