"Yürüyen türk": IMLA project in Turkey

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  • This was a landscape design project on an ancient heritage site in Turkey. We created a project so-called "YÜRÜYEN TÜRK – the way to Sillyon".
    The Yürüyen Türk is a proposal for recreation and preservation of the site including branding and marketing strategies.

  • Concept: MOVE, EXPERIENCE and REST
    Influenced by the culture and the lifestyle of the nomads the vision is to set up a network of hiking trails to connect Sillyon to other cultural sites. The aim is to set up a few hiking trails until 2014. The network is expandable and grows constantly until the year 2025.
    The concept for the site of Sillyon itself is based on the same ideas as the regional concept. Overnight stays on site will be provided in original nomad tents or stone-huts. Two open areas will be used for events and activities. The tourists are supposed to explore Sillyon by themselves and to walk around freely. Only the existing pathways are mapped, no additional trails are planned. Additionally, a protection area for flora and fauna is displayed in the north of the area. There are no places for overnight stays or activities and events within it. Visitors are allowed to go there but plucking plants is strictly prohibited. To let the people experience the region and the culture, an area at the bottom of the site is evolved into a so-called ‘Nomad Camp’.
    The Nomad Camp is a hotspot for cultural events and activities.
    While walking to Sillyon experience the beautiful landscape, the hospitable people and the nomad lifestyle. Feel Sillyon by discovering, smelling, touching and watching the unique site.