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  • Youth Square - Hong Kong

  • Y Square is a youth development center based in Chai Wan, Hong Kong. It offers a wide range of resources, but is under-utilized due to its outlying location and general lack of knowledge of its existence. Our rebranding sought to create a memorable mark and put it on the map.

    A shifting logo system was developed to keep the brand young, fresh and in the hands of its patrons: the youth. The multitude of Y's initially developed for the rebranding will later be supplemented with youth-generated Y's, involving them directly in the identity. The new logo mark is supported by a playful, more intuitive website featuring different themes based on the Y's, as well as an outreach campaign to get the word out about Y Square.

    The tag line, "Find your place" was chosen to represent Y Square's ability to provide an experience tailored to each individual's interests and passions. The variety of Y's, often shown tiled next to each other, reinforce this idea of individuality.

    Collaborators: Missy Barclay, Farah Mohiuddin, Janet Nguyen,
    Kevin Park, Jessica Richards & Steven Wood