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  • Client: Apatin Brewery
    Category: Alcohol & Beverage
    Project tasks: Identity, Stand Design, Ad, Facebook App, Banner, Brochure and Website
    Year: 2014
    Annual Trainee Program is being organized by Apatinska Pivara (Biggest brewery in Serbia), for fresh graduate students with no experience. Having in mind the popularity of the program and the specific position and image that brewery has in Serbia, its being promoted on job fairs, career days and similar events, as well as online and in print material.
    This is the fourth year in a row that we are working together with the HR team from the company to create the best identity for the project. The esthetic was inspired by the our brew culture that all of the Molson Coors companies follow. This was an excellent moment to promote more new culture of the company.
    We have created 4 different materials: Website, Facebook elements (icon and app), Infostud (most important local website for employment - ad and flash banner), Print (brochure). Regarding the stand design this year we continued to use the metaphorical “pub” association, which connected both core business and “work hard – play hard” philosophy that is being promoted in the brewery, but changed position for the bottles. Openness and friendly approach was important. It was sugely successful and it attracted lots of attention to the stand and the program itself.

    AD&D: Goran Pandža
    Design: Sonja Kovačević
    Organization: Filip Marić
    Web Development: Andreja Sokolović
    Flash Development: Miloš Ivanović