• You & Me
    A Series of First Times
  • You & Me
    Polyptych of 100
    Polychromos Pencil and Digital Print on Paper
    Dimensions Variable

    From June to December 2011, I surveyed local alternative bars and clubs gathering research as to how anonymous participants came to lose their virginity's. From the over 300 accounts collected, 100 were chosen and were each re-interpreted via 7 in x 9 in artworks.

    The aim of the project was to capture a glimpse into the reality of the state and practice of sex in our modern day society and create a healthy dialogue about sex without the baggage of religion, media, television or moral decorum. Through this communal discussion, we destroy the unrealistic expectations of sex set by society and ourselves and strip such a significant event of any shame, pressure or sense of failure.

    The project opened at the Kwazulu Natal Society of Arts in August 2012 with the body of work on display as well as the self-published, 120-page, hardcover catalogue of all the artworks.
    Durban, SOUTH AFRICA

    For some of the results not published, visit youandmeproject.tumblr.com
    For more information about catalogue purchases or exhibiting the body of work, contact ssskullboy@gmail.com

  • A video short about the project by Shelly Nel of Rooi Nooi Pictures