You Drive me Crazy Britney Spears Zine

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  • This booklet flips around the way we perceive what is 'cool' or 'alternative' music by recontextualizing Britney Spear's 1997 public breakdown as her initiation into alternative subculture music. Designed as a Punk underground Zine, We perceive Britney as a shaved Skinhead who smashes cars with a long object.

    In the light of indie music festivals coming along, i would like to put out something about labeling the music we listen these days. whether good or bad, 'pop' music seem to be either seen as 'bad' music or are claimed to be not listened to at all by a growing proportion of young hip people.. but if everyone says they listen to 'indie' more, they become mainstream, then the much despised 'pop' artists become our 'alternative' music by default.