You Are Beautiful, AIGA Chicago

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  • Sitting down with the Classic Color logotype, I extracted the upper quarter curve of the "c" to inform the built structures of the PHOTO lettering. The counter space of the CLASSIC letters defined the grid and fill of the PHOTO form. The veritable height build provided simple ornamentation that a dynamic identity could be informed from.
  • Inspiration came from glass and neon signage of vintage camera shops, specifically Chicago's Central Camera.
  • A complementary typeface SINDSANS was built to accompany the PHOTO lettering and the printer's logo. The typeface is rooted in that adoption of the roundness of the lettering's curves and the extended monospace sophistication of Classic's logotype. Through inserting a bit of vernacular rawness, the You Are Beautiful type contains a rich personality of honesty and inclusiveness.
  • Sindsans's capitals set with PHOTO lettering and diamond lock-up.
  • The AIGA Chicago Annual Members Meeting was held in Fulton Market's SALVAGE ONE. Classic and I decided to focus and reimagine the existing onsite photo-booth.
  • The response from attendees was anything but professional. Rather than stuffy networking and recalling the keynote's eccentric obsession with antiquarian marginalia, the community celebrated themselves. And why the hell not, these hardworking designers deserve a moment to pat eachother on the back.
  • The identity was built across environmental graphics and print collateral including photo sleeves all attendees received to protect their photos.
  • Collateral items were printed by Classic Color on Sappi OPUS on an HP Indigo.
  • Each sleeve came with a You Are Beautiful membership card in which attendees could personalize by inserting their photo from the evening.
  • This video is a short journey of the AIGA Chicago's annual member's meeting.
  • CLIENT: Classic Color + You Are Beautiful
    EVENT: AIGA Chicago Annual Members Meeting
    SPACE: Salvage One