• Yorkshire Renaissance Pavilion
    Various Architects' project "Yorkshire Diamond" was a finalist inthe open international competition for a mobile pavilion for YorkshireForward. The Yorkshire Diamond Pavilion is a unique and iconic venuethat is designed to represent Yorkshire Forward at events aroundYorkshire and Humber or further abroad. The project is an attraction in itself with a striking exterior inthe form of inflatable tubes arranged in the atomic structure ofdiamonds. The 20 x 26 x 10 meter diamond grid volume is mined out toform a cavernous interior space reminiscent of the coal mines ofYorkshire. Light and air shafts pierce the structure providing naturallight and ventilation. At night the translucent shafts and outer skinradiate light in all colors and directions like a diamond twinkling inthe sunlight. A focus on flexibility gives the pavilion multiple configurationswhich allow it to be used for everything from small gatherings to largeconferences or public presentations. The voluminous internal space willsurprise and delight when installed in close quartered public squares.The pavilion can also be turned ‘inside out’ to open up a large coveredarea to open outdoor spaces to create the ultimate mobile venue forconcerts or big-screen events. Innovative sustainable features that can generate energy duringtransport and while installed, together with lightweight recyclablematerials will demonstrate Yorkshire Forward’s commitment to theenvironment wherever the pavilion is situated. Creative new uses ofexisting proven technologies make this pavilion design possible toproduce and operate for a reasonable price.