Yo vivo mis metas

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  • We started working with Sport and Fitness in 2011. They already had their identity and logo but they were looking to work with an agency to build brand equity. I remember the way the conversation went in that first meeting, 
    – We have a strong brand personality that put us apart from our competition.
    – And what is it?
    – While every other gym tries to make you pay the whole year and wait for you to quit, our promise is that you will want to stick to a fitness program.
    – Why would that be so?
    – Because we believe everyone deserves a good health. People who exercise are healthier, think more clearly, and sleep better among other benefits.
    We asked for memberships so that our creatives could live the experience. They agreed. 
    We thought there is a lot of people that have tried to exercise consistently and have failed. So we had a great target. Those people often feel they don't fit in a regular gym. We focused on the them: the thin and the fat guys; a regular mother; students...
    The name of the advertising campaign is "Yo vivo mis metas," wich can be roughly translated to: "I live my goals."