Yes! Katowice

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  • TAKK! Katowice
  • Katowice will host a five week, interdisciplinary and interactive project combining architecture, design and contemporary music, the phenomenon of Silesian culture being its pivot element. The artists taking part in workshops, exhibitions and concerts held within the framework of “YES!” will make an attempt to define the “Silesian spirit” and “European spirit.” Artists and cultural institutions from Denmark and Cyprus have been invited to collaborate. The Presidency, together with the Polish Radio Three, will also have its own stage at the OFF Festival Katowice 2011, which is to take place in August.

    This short movie is first of three to promote the project. Enjoy!

  • scenario/director: Matylda Sałajewska
    director of photography: Paweł Płonka
    scenography: Anna Ławrynowicz, Magda Major
    make-up/fx: Aga Hodowana
    production: Dawid Nickel
    hair: Berendowicz&Kublin Artistic Team
    lighting director: Agata Mendziuk
    lighting: Bartek Gburek
    dolly grip: Dominik Czepułkowski 
    extras: Gabrysia Hubner, Marcin Krater, Kasia Pelka, Natalia Jakóbiec, Dominik Tokarski, Maja Obłodecka, Marcin Nowrotek
    animation/postproduction: Marcin Nowrotek, Matylda Sałajewska
    music: Leo Perez