Yarr! A kid's dream

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  • Yarr! A kid's dream
    Graduation Project by Ricardo Ruytenberg & Moniek Hulspas
  • The game is about Jackie, a little boy who just loves pirates. In his dreams he goes to this own fantasy pirate island together with Lorre, his living parrot plushie. On you way to the island Lorre tells you to pick a feather out his tail whenever you want to get out of the dream.
    A big sockpuppet comes out of the nowhere and destroys your ship, you and Lorre wash up at the beach of the island. Here is where the adventure begins.
    On the island are pirates who want to help you fix your boat, but in return they ask your help to kill the evil robotpirateboss Davy. When Davy finds out Lorre can bring people back to the real world he will do anything to get his hands on Jacky and Lorre.

    For this project we had 4 months, 16 hours a week. The assignment was easy: Make a game, don't make it to hard for yourselves seen you will be working with no programmers. I's better to make less but awesome then a whole game wich looks cheap.
    As we were only with 2 people in our 'group' we had to make desicions what to work out and what not. We decided to make at least the main character Jackie who would be able to run around in a well designed pirate enviroment. Everything else would be a nice extra.
    As extras we were able to add particles, Flying Lorre with you, puzzles, 'interaction' with NPC's and cameras.

    Programs we used:
    - Unity 3D.
    - Adobe Photoshop.
    - 3D Studio Max.
    - Adobe After Effects.

    You can download the game on my website: www.hulspas.com.

    The game is made to be played on Windows with an Xbox controller. You can also just play it with the keyboard but you will have limited options.
    Walk - Arrow Keys
    Jump - Space
    Attack - Ctrl
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