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Synthetic Paper Wallets to showcase the amazing features of Yupo Paper.
Yupo is a new synthetic paper soon to be released by BJBall Papers. The paper originates from Japan, as the name suggests, and is impressively waterproof, stainproof, tearproof and 100% recyclable. The brief requested a creative specimen to showcase the paper's features in a way that would attract designers specifically. 
To demonstrate the qualities of Yupo Paper first hand to designers, I constructed a paper wallet. This form presents Yupo as an functional, everyday item that needs to be durable, resistant and reliable. These words are not commonly associated with ‘paper’ but they are with Yupo - which uses the wallet to prove this. The overall message I aimed to communicate is that Yupo is a strong paper with durability, quality and versatility - which is shown furthermore in the packaging and enclosed cards. 
To complete the designs, I used a combination of illustration, watercolour and graphics to keep in theme and transform the wallets into an artwork designer’s would want to use and keep. This shows the full artwork (front and back of the wallet design). 
Each box holds two wallets, both illustrative traditional Japanese landscapes that make reference back to the unique origin of the paper - giving the wallet a narrative theme. The pink 'Sakura' is Cherry Blossom and the blue "Fuji San' is Mount Fuji - two iconic Japanese themes. 
The opened wallet shows the card slots and cash dividers separated by a panel of pattern. 
Four of the cards in each wallet showcase Yupo in varying ways in the form of an emergency to-do list, an 'out to lunch' vinyl sticker, a waterproof coffee coaster and emergency business card. 
All enclosed cards laid out with the wallets fitted with paper bands. 
Out of the 8 enclosed (double sided) cards there is a 'care' card explaining to the designer the paper and it's features. Three of the cards are samples of the paper in varying weights 100gsm, 150gsm and 200gsm.