YOUTUBE \ Design the future of your Brand with YouTube

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  • Case movie
  • Direct Mail
    A kit containing:
    - a usb key that drives the target to a customized digital experience.
    - a card where the target can write in few words how he/she immagines the future of his/her brand. These words inspired the realization of unique pieces of art which were then gifted to the target.
  • Digital Experience
    Through a customized Tubegame the brand managers can experience all the potential of YouTube display network.

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     experience here
  • 100 Brand customized experience
  • Event
    86 top brand manager wrote how they immagine the future of their brand. During an exclusive vernissage they discovered how YouTube transformed these words into unique pieces of art.

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  • The exhibition
  • The exhibition catalog
  • Print campaign
    A 6 subjects print campaign that shows the goals that can be achieved by advertising on YouTube display network.
  • If YouTube, they'ill share.
  • If YouTube, they'ill subscribe.
  • If YouTube, they'ill comment.
  • If YouTube, they'ill play.
  • If YouTube, they'ill enjoy.
  • If YouTube, they'ill watch.
  • Special print with removable USB key
  • ADCI Annual 27, 2012

  • Credits

    Client: Google
    Product: Youtube
    Agency: TBWA\
    Executive Creative Directors: Nicola Lampugnani, Francesco Guerrera

    Creatives: Mattia Montanari, Matteo Grandese, Davide Canepa
    Digital Creative Director: Michele La Fiandra
    Digital Senior Art Director: Luca Sala
    Digital Project Manager: Raffaella Garzitto
    Flash Designer: Chiara Villotta
    Web Designer: Nicoletta Piccinini

    Head of Producing: Renato Fontana
    Producer: Federico Fornasari
    Account Director: Benedetta Melli
    Account Executive: Federico Da Re
    Strategic Planner: Lorenzo Bean

    Creative Service Director: Valerio Minestra
    Event Producer: Stefano Marchetti
    Video Production Company: Xchanges VFX
    Audio Production Company: Eccetera
    Design Studio: Dadomani
    Consultant: Ymee NYC
    Aired on September, 2011
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