• Design meets stage. Design becomes Performance. Everybody laugh. An exhibition as performance. YOU LAUGH AN UGLY LAUGH* - The visual identity of humour was an exhibition dedicated to the term humour. The exhibition took place in January 2014 during the festival „Kunsthalle Bühne: das Fest!“ at the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf and the bar Salon des Amateurs. The exhibition was planed as a 90 minutes performances and moves on the border between design and art.
    The students presents performances and video installations dedicated to humour in a temporal and social context during a rehearsed choreography. The exhibition was supplemented with a dialogue and interview between performance artists and scientists and framed by performances of professional artists (Weisser Westen and Tulip, die singende Tulpe).
    The idea of volatility was chosen as base for the design concept, because is creates a connection between the terms humour, performance and stage. The sketched frames and areas of the Corporate Design represent the improved stage, the temporal, creative and performative frame. They visualize the volatility of the event and the humour itself.
    To materialize these ideas where 75 posters painted by hand. Also fourteen individual and absurd seeming stages were built, one for every performance. Every stage was only used in the short time frame of the individual staging of the performance.
    Cooperation with Clara Habermann, Frank Hildebrandt, Lena Drießen
    Exhibition photography by Felix Steinhaus