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Corporate magazine redesign for their Ramadan 2011 issue.
YKA Magazine Redesign
For this corporate magazine redesign, the challenge was to completely change the bilingual layout to something less cluttered and easy on the eyes, and creating a motif or "theme" that celebrates the approach of the holy month of Ramadan.

The new layout had a more structured grid and focused more on imagery. Photo spreads were introduced, and more white space is given around the content. The Ramadan element is seen in an Islamic pattern on top, which was taken from Al-Fateh Mosque, the biggest mosque in Bahrain.

The cover did not change from its original design, and it had its constrains. The image used had to be in red and blue (the corporate colors). To get away from the usual lantern/mosque/food images that are used extensively during Ramadan, I looked back at the Bahraini culture and used an image of a traditional Bahraini garment called "Thoub Nashil" which is worn by women in celebrations.

Before the redesign. Magazine layout was cluttered and hard to read.
The Ramadan element is seen in an Islamic pattern taken from Al-Fateh Mosque.