Ninety-eight per cent of our neighbors in our compound are Chinese. On the night the Lunar New Year Eve 
    was observed, I could almost hear the festive drumbeats closing in on our compound. I may not have had the
    best seats in the house to witness the spectacle, but I vividly imagined the image of a dragon and a lion 
    dancing their hearts out to every beat.

    Observing our new neighbors have inspired me with that imagery of the dragon and lion as they danced. 
    One of my chinese neighbors sparked my interest in a classic Cat-and-Dog tandem. Character emerge has been based on two sisters quarrelling: younger sister AKA "YANG", A lion heart screaming at the top of her lungs but at the end of the day, submits to her older sister "YING", the dagon heart. In the end, harmony is restored when it is respected. This is "YING" and "YANG"
    "YING" the dragon heart 姐姐 jiĕjie
     Inspired Body Armor Corals :  unceasingly growing  shield from being unselfish
    "YANG" the lion heart 妹妹 mèimei
     Inspired Body Armor Shellfish :   for being selfish her  shield unceasingly growing blind to see other