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YCN 2013 Lego competiton entry
To create a campaign for the Lego Brand that distinguishes Lego from all the other construction toys in the toy market by highlighting the benefits and points of difference of Lego rather than the detriments of our competitors.
I decided that the best way to prove a Lego product is by testing it and what better way to test Lego than with the bricks themselves. The image below sums up how one contraption can be elaborately large for a very small and simple job. I felt Lego was a lot like this in many ways as when building with Lego, there are no restrictions to what you can build.
I created a campaign that challenges the consumer to test the Lego bricks with their imagination. They build, create and test the Lego and then can share their results and findings online through social media and the Lego Community.
The video that explains the campaign.
The campaign book which is the printed version of the video.
The book is bound to look and feel like the campaign, its playful but like lego, is strong. The four rivets also form the bottom shape of a 2x4 lego brick.
The front and back cover are textured with the lego brick de bossed.
Inside the book.