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  • YARN ZOMBIES - Brand
    Lead Illustrator
  • This is a new brand of multi-channel entertainment and toys to be released first at Hot Topic in early fall on 2012. I was hunted to be the leading illustrator for the logo and all branded material - and am being advertised as the brand visionary, even thought the work is a collaborative effort between the myself, the CCO, and my husband/partner Lazarus Chernik. The project has me on retainer to produce numerous character designs, posters, signs, packages, advertising, collateral, and anything else we can think of. As projects get released, this page will be updated accordingly.
  • This is the primary logo - to look great blown up to billboard size for promotion in many venues as well as sales collateral and packaging/labels. Reduced forms of the logo exist for other uses.
  • This is the front and back of a promotional card distributed as Comic Con International 2012 (San Diego) to promote Yarn Zombies, specifically heralding me as the brand visionary.
  • This a T-Shirt design handed out for promotion at Comic Con International 2012. The owl appears on other branded material as well.
  • The second part of the project involved the first set of four posters as portraits of the brand's zombies. The portraits fit within extremely detailed borders. Here are two of them: