• 1950
  • 114
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  • Yarkosmos/Яркосмос
    Identity of new Yaroslavl planetarium.
  • Visual identity and motion graphic for the new planetarium in Yaroslavl. First, it was decided to change the name. It was invented a new name "Yarkosmos".The resulting word "Yarko" (bright)became the basis of the concept.
    Yarkosmos is а modern complex equipped with the latest equipment , attracting interesting software that allows it to attract maximum attention from audience, including young people and tourists. It contains: Planetarium, Star Hall, Observatory, Museum of the History of Cosmonautics, media cafe, interactive class. This multi-center needs a modern, bright Identity. It was decided to create a modern, vibrant identity, which would have emphasized his modernity, style and contributed to its recognition.
    The concept of stylistic solutions consists of several elements. It is based on the use of a dynamic character,modern graphics, bright colors and abstract imagesof space.
    The sign is the letter "Я" and an arrow at a time. The sign is dynamic. It emphasizes the complexity of the center as well as associated withthe dome of the planetarium. The color scheme is presented in three differentversions, and selected in accordance with the space palette. As an additionalgraphics were created by complex linear forms, which are delicate areasconsisting of thin white lines intertwined in different variations, resemblingspace objects.
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