YAKU Poster Exhibition

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    Exhibiton Poster, Lima - Peru
  • Yaku Poster. Exhibition in Lima, Peru. The exhibition tries to alert everyone about the problem our world is having in regards to this vital element, water. Every human being must be able to take conscience over our reality at hand and take a look t the extreme statistics. Something that seemed a silly prophecy has become a shocking reality that hunts us day by day.

    This is my work that is going to be exhibited in October 2010.

    The text says: "Water is one of the most precious resources we have on Earth. Clean drinking water is essential to human life -- but only 10 percent of global water use is for human consumption. Other 90 percent is used for direct input to industry, agriculture, transportation, recreation, producing hydro power, cooling nuclear power plants, and sustaining the ecosystems upon which we depend. No longer can we assume that past abundance of water is a guarantee for our future water returns."
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