• Y+ Series
  • "Y+ Series" is a set of furnitures developed in Futurecraft workshop held in Solo City, Indonesia. The inaugural Futurecraft workshop aimed to encourage new approaches and perspectives towards modern-day design while using traditional indonesian crafts, and applying contemporary design language while experimenting with materials. The workshop concluded with design concepts; developed over two days and refined over three months. 
    The results were showcased at the 2013 IFFS - International Furniture Fair Singapore as part of the Singaplural 2013 program and at the 2013 IFFINA - International Furniture and Craft Fair Indonesia.
  • 2013 IFFS - International Furniture Fair Singapore as part of the Singaplural 2013 program
  • Rattan, a natural material, is native to tropical regions of Asia. As a fast growing resource, rattan provides a viable and eco friendly alternative to other raw materials. Rattan is durable, lightweight and fairly flexible, making it a versatile option for furniture making.
    The design was conceptualized by using a modern approach to reinterpret the role of the natural material, rattan in furniture making. The role of rattan is reversed from traditional furniture. While rattan used to function as the structural support of traditional furniture and stays in a fixed position; rattan is now used as a removable joint.
    By injecting a fresh take on the role of rattan, a modular flat pack furniture that allows easy assembly is created. Rattan plays an important role, acting as the joint, connecting the different materials to form a structure. The modular rattan joint connector also allows different configurations and possibilities for furniture.
  • Y+ Series - stool & shelving
  • Modular flat pack furniture. Furniture can be easily disassembled into leather surface, metal frames and modular rattan joints.
  • Rattan split and bent into joints. The modular rattan joint slots into tubular metal frames, creating different configurations.
  • Details of joint
  • Making of Y+ Series
  • Initial ideations during the workshop