Y&R x White Ribbon: 20th Anniversary Custom Typography
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Custom typography with hand-drawn process for White Ribbon's 20th Anniversary relaunch.
Last year I was approached by the super (and I mean super) lovely Y&R Canada to help them with the White Ribbon 20th Anniversary Campaign. A teaser campaign was launched throughout the whole of Toronto, with street posters challenging the notion of what it means to 'be a man'. The point of these white posters posters was to get a reaction - which, read them, of course they did - and then on December 3rd, White Ribbon was re-introduced not just as a rebrand, but as a new push to look at mens roles and expectations within our society. My initial role was to help out with the typesetting of the white-on-black 'New Code Of Manhood' mantra posters.
After helping with the new mantra, I was also asked to create a custom typographic poster to be shown at their launch event (and maybe even sold somewhere down the line!). Above is the final cleaned up final artwork, while below is the original hand drawn piece. Before you say it, yes I see the joke in doing a next-level-nerd clean drawing just to texture the hell out of it digitally.You can see on the super small type it needed some fixing up but process wise, this is how much effort I go into to revel in some black and white goodness. 

A very, very big thanks to Dave Tupper at Y&R for bringing me onboard for such a good cause - you can see his behance (http://www.behance.net/dtup) for a lot more information on the campaign.