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Xtrude Case
It is actually a suitcase inside a suitcase!

Have you tried being away on holiday buying all kind of stuff and then realizing that unzipping the extra room in your suitcase providing you with maximum four centimeters of extra hight is not enough to hold it all? If so, this innovative concept for an extrudable suitcase may be the answer to your problem. By dividing the one suitcase into two smaller cases, where one fits into the other, it is possible to halve the size by using the principle from a telescopic arm. The telescopic system is already implemented in an existing suitcase today to provide the opportunity of pulling out a handle for carrying it on wheels. By reenforcing this telescopic system and hereby adding more adjustment points you will have the opportunity of both adjusting the size of the suitcase and still keep the extendable handle when on the move.
Not only will this be an advantage when not having room for all your stuff, it will also give you the opportunity of only having one suitcase for all purposes, since it goes as hand luggage when folded and as normal luggage when enlarged. Furthermore it is a well known issues to find storage space for a suitcase when it is not in use, which in this case may be easier as it only takes up half the space of a normal suitcase.