• Budapest Design Week is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year – which marks the beginning of a new era. Leaving early years behind, the festival has by 2013 become an attractive event for tens of thousands of visitors, offering more programs than ever, and organised in almost 200 venues throughout the city.
    Reflecting on the changes taking place in the world, Budapest Design Week deals with these crossovers this year – intersections between design and art, crafts, digital technologies and other disciplines. Our opening exhibition strives to give an extensive overview of these crossovers, while other programs trace the different representations of design today.
    Judit Osvárt
    Project Leader
  • Updated logo (original logo by Balázs Vargha, 2009)
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  • iPhone 5C Emerald - Budapest Design Week 2013 edition
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  • Event photos by Balázs Mohai and Géza Talabér
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