Wunderlist Concept for Windows 8

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  • Windows 8 Wunderlist Concept App
    Metro Style User Interface
  • After using Windows 8 for a few days, I imagined how the apps that I use would translate to the new metro design.

    The following concept is unfinished, I have yet to make the icons for example, for now they are plus signs. I present to you my Wunderlist Windows 8 app. For those that are unaware, Wunderlist is a freeware application from 6Wunderkinder that can be used for task management and list making. Tasks are categorized into lists, such as a shopping list or a to-do list. Tasks can have completion dates and reminders.

    I took the time to follow windows 8 user experience guidelines and the metro design language using Windows 8 developer resources as well as keeping true to Wunderlist's own style.

    Before I started I looked at Wunderlist on the iPad, on the Mac and on Windows. Each had slightly different layouts but the list themselves were largely the same. On Windows and on the browser the list side bar appears on the right. On the iPad it is on the Left. I also looked at the Wunderlist for Windows phone image that was revealed via dribble if I am correct. That was instrumental because like IOS and the Mac, certain elements are maintained for platform consistency. The same consistency is what should appear on the both the Windows Phone and Windows 8 platform.
  • This is a concept idea of how I would design Wunderlist on Windows 8. It is known now that Wunderlist will be coming out and may look quite close to this concept which makes sense because it falls right inline with how wunderlist appears on other platforms. I look forward to the official design and app.