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  • The Nightjar

    Wrigley's // Design, 3D Animation
    June 2011
  • Description //

    The NightJar is a game you play relying on sound alone. Using an extremely simple interface, you must tap to walk and use a dial to turn and face in the right direction - away from danger. To promote the game, we created a trailer in Cinema4D that represented the lines of 5 Gum animating to an audio wave. This trailer was seeded to blogs and also feaured on Spotify. The trailer then led the way in terms of the style for various other material including banners and images for the 5 site.

    Credits //

    Kelly Casey
    Motion Designers: 
    Neal Coghlan & Harry Osborne
    Interface Designers: 
    Neal Coghlan & Paul Grizzell
    Thiago & Mark
    Somethin' Else

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