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Wresltmania 29 logo design and exploratory.
WWE identity design / Logo Exploratory
This years Wrestlemania 29 logo was a great challenge.  The WWE wanted a logo which would portray the "Metropolitan feel" and maintain what Wrestlemania is as an Icon.  We in creative after many rounds finally landed on an idea originally conceived by Copywriter David Fletcher in a sketch which portraying the Empire State Building with a 29 at the base.  Under the direction of VP Stan Stanski and CD Julie Sbuttoni we can see the evolution of the logo. 

Alternate designers credited to the project also include: Soren Youngren & Daniel "the Skullkrusher" Bellon.
Original perspective logo concept.
Beginning construction of the logo with a central building block base lock up perspective.
Logo with a fully rendered buildings.
Simplified buildings with a more graphic representation.
Logo "The Gotham City" color scheme.
Logo with a more "Metropolitan" color scheme.
The final logo: Wrestlemania NY / NJ