• The Wren V5 is a portable sound system designed to work with Apple Airplay.  The V5 is engineered to produce the highest quality audio in the smallest form factor.  It makes beautiful music with two 3-inch throw drivers with 4-layer voice coils to handle big power while dissipating heat. High frequencies are rendered silky and natural by a pair of edge-driven, wide dispersion 19mm soft dome tweeters optimally positioned on the front baffle to create a wide, realistic soundstage that rides high and free above the box.
    Beneath the beautiful wood veneers, the Wren V5 cabinet is constructed of half-inch thick MDF board constructed by laminating layers together and reinforced with an internal MDF brace to provide a chassis free from resonance and coloration. As speaker designers have known for years, you just can’t beat the timbre of timber!
  • The Wren V5 comes in a range of woods from rosewood to bamboo.