World's resources are not infinite - Part 2/2

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  • World's resources are not infinite - Photomanipulation
    Daily waste of Water & Energy Resources

  • ¬†Don't gamble with your life

    Are you planning to waste water? Play your cards right.
    Dice with drops of water.
    Cards with drops of water.

  • ¬†Overconsumption

    We are making a reckless consume of the planet limited resources.The world is like a bar of soap and we are depleting it.
  • If energy resources deplete?
    We'll eat nothing but the technology we employed to squeeze our planet.
    [Plate of technology - Enjoy your meal]
  • It brings no future for the planet, neither for the life.
    This is the worst reckless consumption of energy sources that we could do. Stop wasting energy and stop breaking life.

    [Electric chair -ic chair - Shadow (skeletor) of the death]
  • Water for basics needs
    How long can you survive without water?And this would be the last of your problem