Worlds Smallest Bakery

  • 19402
  • 2569
  • 151
  • Oelz is an Austrian bakery and market leader in pastries. They introduced a new product called "Toast It", a kind of a dough pocket filled with apple or nougat. The final baking happens at home, simply by place it for one minute in your toaster.
  • The idea.
  • The visual shows 5 bakers working inside a toaster because "Toast It" from Ölz converts your toaster into worlds smallest bakery. 
  • Layout by Draftfcb Partners.
  • The realisation.
  • The rough approach was to realise the bakery with CGI, shoot the people, the toaster and the kitchen for the background in the studio and fit everything together. In a first step we created sketches that provided a basis for building the 3D model. As soon as the model was finished and we agreed on an angle we started shooting the people and the surrounding.
  • Sketches of the bakery and details.
  • Screenshots of the final 3D model.
  • Rough renderings, used to help finding the right perspective and pose at shooting the people and some props.
  • Final stage. The kitchen, the toaster and some elements of the bakery were done with photography. The bakery was mainly done in CGI.
  • In cause of efficiency some details were done in photography.
  • The busy bakers.
  • Final artwork. Make your toaster to worlds smallest bakery!
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