• A concept and collaboration via cyberspace by Studio Repertorium Films NYC and Huang Zi of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    In a deep world beyond ours, technology and science have reached a unique level of intelligence; humanity has created such developed machines that they leap forward in knowledge so rapidly to teach humanity the basics of a balanced world. Here, science illustrates knowledge, and creating an equal environment for a universal standard existence by all creatures regardless of their origins - robotic, natural, biological or imaginary.

    Worlds Beyond Our Own takes us to lands and cultures that have been sparked by the incredible human mind and its gigantic potential to see ahead of time and liberate humanity from former worlds of destruction and useless cultures of war. This is the first look at an intelligent army of robotic creatures that are constantly invested in one sole goal; looking ahead of time, so when the time comes, all prevails in balance.

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